Where We Stand

At Grace Bible Church, doctrine (the teaching of Scripture) is vitally important. Why? First, doctrine is of paramount importance because the Bible itself stresses the importance of sound (healthy, true) doctrine. Second, doctrine is of paramount importance because what we believe determines how we act. Therefore, nothing could be more important than believing the right things—the Truth! The Bible continually exhorts the church leadership to teach and preach sound doctrine. Therefore, we believe in expository preaching and teaching of the whole counsel of God. The Bible also continually exhorts the fellowship of believers to embrace sound doctrine and beware of false teaching. We must separate from ministry endeavor with any who embrace or propagate teaching inconsistent with the Bible.

Our very purpose for existence is to glorify our Living Savior and Creator, Jesus Christ. Therefore, we strive to honor and glorify Him in everything we do—in every aspect of ministry at Grace Bible Church. No goal, program or endeavor should ever be accomplished at the expense of the glorification of God. We believe that every true believer constitutes the body of Christ. Therefore, our aim is to build people, not programs. We strive for spiritual growth, not numerical growth. We are interested in quality, not quantity. We will not forsake discipleship and spiritual growth (quality) for sheer numbers or prestige in the eyes of men (quantity). As a church dedicated to the faithful, straight-forward teaching of God’s Word, we do not use gimmicks to lure people to church nor do we seek to entertain those who come to worship God and study His Word. We simply provide a friendly atmosphere where the Bible is clearly taught and God is truly honored and glorified.