Cooperative Evangelism

Cooperative Evangelism, or ecumenical evangelism, is a pragmatic evangelistic philosophy made popular in the mid-20th century by Billy Graham that promotes the unification of all professing believers in ministerial and evangelistic endeavor, regardless of theological persuasion or doctrinal belief (even pertaining to the doctrine of salvation), in order to reach unbelievers for Christ. Those who embrace ecumenical evangelism reject the Scriptural injunction to separate from ministry endeavor with those who preach a false Gospel and who embrace false doctrine. Therefore, ecumenical or cooperative evangelism entails unity with liberals, Roman Catholics, Charismatics and any who claim to “Call Jesus, ‘Lord.’” Leading evangelical proponents of ecumenical evangelism include Billy Graham, Franklin Graham and Luis Palau. Grace Bible Church refuses to compromise the pure Gospel and obedience to the Word of God by joining in any ecumenical evangelism endeavors.