Church Growth Movement

Grace Bible Church believes the modern-day church growth and church marketing movements, whether embraced by New Evangelicals or even professing Fundamentalists – are dangerously flawed and harmful to the body of Christ. These churches often embrace a “seeker sensitive” method and theology in an attempt to meet the “felt needs” of the unsaved rather than the true needs of unbelievers and believers alike. As a result, their ministerial philosophy is pragmatic rather than faithful to the Scripture’s Biblical blueprint for ministry. Often, the shortcomings of the church growth or church marketing movement stem from an improper understanding of the nature and purpose of the local church – a belief that the gathering of saints each week is to “save souls” rather than to equip and edify the saints for the work of the ministry. Grace Bible Church will not use gimmicks to draw the unsaved into the church, nor will we preach a positive-only message stylized to meet the perceived needs of the unsaved. Grace Bible Church will simply preach the Word of God – the whole counsel of God – in an effort to equip and disciple the saints and to evangelize those who attend our services who may not know Jesus Christ as their Savior.