Bible Interpretation

Grace Bible Church believes the Bible should be interpreted in its plain sense as understood by its original recipients. We therefore interpret the Bible dispensationally. Dispensationalism is a system of theology characterized by a literal (plain), historical-grammatical, consistent interpretation of Scripture which, thus understood, recognizes a distinction between Israel and the church in God’s plan and recognizes the reality that God purposes to glorify Himself in all His dealings with mankind, regardless of the age or dispensation in which man lives. We reject the systems of “covenant” or “reformed” theology which spiritualizes the Biblical text, confuses the Church with Israel and fails to distinguish between law and grace. In every dispensation, salvation is obtained by faith alone in Gods’ revelation to man. The content of faith may vary from dispensation to dispensation depending on God’s revelation to man at that point in time concerning the person and work of Jesus Christ, yet faith alone is always the means of salvation.