And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
Mark 16:15

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Take Heed to the Word

The Lost Art of Listening (Part 3) / With all the voices demanding our attention today, nothing is more important as believers in Jesus Christ than to listen to Him and the Word He has given to us in the Scriptures.

Plead with Your Mother, Plead

Hosea: God’s Love Determined, Declared, and Displayed (Part 3) / God reiterates the condition and circumstances surrounding His judgment about to befall His people, yet all is not lost for they will be restored to right relationship with Him under the New Covenant in the Kingdom Age.

Unfaithful Nation, Faithful God

Hosea: God’s Love Determined, Declared, and Displayed (Part 2) / By way of Illustration, God declares that His people will suffer the terrible condition of severance from Him, much as an unfaithful wife’s fate is that of severance from her marriage from her husband.

Biblically Building the Body

Considering the Church in Cornith in the 21st Century (pt. 22) / The intent of all the gifts, especially the “sign gifts” (“tongues” and “prophesying”) was to “build up” the local body of Christ in communication of divine revelation. With the completion of the canon of Scripture the supernatural sign gifts are not necessary today. Moreover, they are impossible, given the apostles are no longer present today!

Diversity Brings Unity and Harmony

Considering the Church in Corinth in the 21st Century (pt. 20) / A a human body has many “parts,” each with a specific intended function, together the parts comprise the body to make one whole/complete. So also, the church “body” has many “parts,” each with specific purposes, yet each necessary to make the local church body whole/complete.