Sermons on Matthew

The Path of the Wise

The magi’s visit to the Christ child contains many lessons pertaining to wisdom that all believers should consider today.
[Speaker] Pastor Matt Costella
[Date] 12/3/17
[Scripture Reference] Matthew 2:1-12

He Is Not Here

A survey of excuses commonly used to explain the empty tomb all fall short of both common sense and biblical explanation. The simple fact is that Christ arose from the dead on that first Resurrection Sunday!
[Series] What We Believe
[Speaker] Pastor Gary Freel
[Date] 9/24/17
[Scripture Reference] Matthew 28:1-15


Bitterness is common, lethal, & curable if we are to exhibit the Christlike character God desires
[Series] Bitterness & Forgiveness
[Speaker] Pastor Gary Freel
[Date] 2/12/17
[Scripture Reference] Matthew 5:7