Sermons on Mark

And We Beheld His Glory

In fulfillment of the Lord’s prophecy in Mark 9:1, Peter, James, and John bear witness to the Lord in His majestic glory and splendor on the Mount of Transfiguration
[Series] The Gospel of Mark (pt. 13)
[Speaker] Pastor Gary Freel
[Date] 9/2/18
[Scripture Reference] Mark 9:2-13

Feeding Crowds; Making Disciples

Though desiring privately prepare the disciples for His approaching departure and the future ministry they will have, nevertheless, Christ continues to display His mercy upon the people, while instructing His followers as the importance of His identity, Christ, God come in the flesh!
[Series] The Gospel of Mark (pt. 12)
[Speaker] Pastor Gary Freel
[Date] 8/26/18
[Scripture Reference] Mark 8:1-38

Authoritative Teaching & Gracious Healing

Using the OT, Jesus not only rebukes the Pharisees and Scribes who continually challenged Him over His ministry, but He completely destroys their verbal arguments and accusations toward Him, exposing the inner evil within their hearts, all the while compassionately dealing with common people who sought His healing, love, and mercy.
[Series] The Gospel of Mark (pt. 11)
[Speaker] Pastor Gary Freel
[Date] 8/19/18
[Scripture Reference] Mark 7:1-37

His Own Received Him Not

Returning to Nazareth, Jesus and His disciples find the rejection of His person and claims to be unchanged. Yet He continues to saturate Galilee with His message, coming to the attention of Herod Antipas. Additionally, He feeds 5, 000 men, and walks on water, coming to the rescue of His disciples.
[Series] The Gospel of Mark (pt. 10)
[Speaker] Pastor Gary Freel
[Date] 8/5/18
[Scripture Reference] Mark 6:1-56

In the Field and On the Sea

After the nation rejected the offer of the Kingdom by Jesus, His strategy changes as He teaches in parables. Afterward, He again demonstrates His authority by instantly calming a raging storm of wind and waves of the sea.
[Series] The Gospel of Mark (pt. 8)
[Speaker] Pastor Gary Freel
[Date] 7/22/18
[Scripture Reference] Mark 4:1-41

Escalating Controversies and Conflicts Continue

The unpardonable sin, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was the ultimate complaint the Jewish leaders of Jesus’ day brought against Him, thus sealing their fate as well as those of the nation who followed them. After continually complaining about Jesus, this was the last straw as far as the Kingdom offer was concerned.
[Series] The Gospel of Mark (pt. 7)
[Speaker] Pastor Gary Freel
[Date] 7/15/18
[Scripture Reference] Mark 3:1-35

The Complaint Department

Upon His return to Capnaum, the Lord Jesus heals a man paralyzed, calls Levi, a tax collector to discipleship, addressing numerous complaints lodged against Him by His enemies, namely over the Sabbath.
[Series] The Gospel of Mark (pt. 6)
[Speaker] Pastor Gary Freel
[Date] 7/8/18
[Scripture Reference] Mark 2:1-28

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

A brief look at some background of the Lord’s Life and Ministry, divided into two distinct periods, as He made two specific claims about His identity.
[Series] The Gospel of Mark (pt. 1)
[Speaker] Pastor Gary Freel
[Date] 6/3/18
[Scripture Reference] Mark 1:1-8