What We Believe

What God Is Doing Now

What We Believe / God is at work today, in and through the ministries of local independent indigenous called out assemblies of believers in His Son. The local church is simply to preach and teach the Word of God, and the doctrines revealed therein, not reform society, or bring in some kingdom.

Does Dispensationalism Matter Anymore?

What We Believe / At GBC, we embrace traditional dispensationalism. We interpret Scripture consistently in a normal, literal, historical, and grammatical manner which results in the following beliefs: a distinction exists between national Israel and the New Testament church; the New Testament believer is not under the Law for salvation or sanctification; Jesus Christ will sit on David’s throne in Jerusalem and ruling the earth for a future 1000-year period; and, God’s ultimate purpose is to glorify Himself.

Behold, the Lamb of God

What We Believe / The only way of salvation, the only message that saves sinners, is that Christ died for our sins. The death of Christ is the only possible payment to satisfy the God’s wrath against sin. It must be accepted individually, by faith alone