The Gospel of Mark

Instructing, Serving, and Giving

The Gospel of Mark (pt. 15) / Along the way during the final journey to Jerusalem, Jesus takes the opportunities to give further instruction on a number of issues like marriage and divorce, trusting in one’s wealth and religious observances to gain eternal life, and humility, while reemphasizing the time of His crucifixion is approaching.

Feeding Crowds; Making Disciples

The Gospel of Mark (pt. 12) / Though desiring privately prepare the disciples for His approaching departure and the future ministry they will have, nevertheless, Christ continues to display His mercy upon the people, while instructing His followers as the importance of His identity, Christ, God come in the flesh!

Authoritative Teaching & Gracious Healing

The Gospel of Mark (pt. 11) / Using the OT, Jesus not only rebukes the Pharisees and Scribes who continually challenged Him over His ministry, but He completely destroys their verbal arguments and accusations toward Him, exposing the inner evil within their hearts, all the while compassionately dealing with common people who sought His healing, love, and mercy.

His Own Received Him Not

The Gospel of Mark (pt. 10) / Returning to Nazareth, Jesus and His disciples find the rejection of His person and claims to be unchanged. Yet He continues to saturate Galilee with His message, coming to the attention of Herod Antipas. Additionally, He feeds 5, 000 men, and walks on water, coming to the rescue of His disciples.

Desperate Times Call for Drastic Measures

The Gospel of Mark (pt. 4) / The Fall of Adam in Eden resulted in loss not just of dominion over the earth, but of fellowship with God Himself. The victory secured by Christ in the temptation He faced in the wilderness demonstrates once for all that He is the Victor, and He is worthy of our allegiance and worship