Sermons by Pastor Matt Costella (Page 5)

Matt Costella has served as the director of the FEA since 2011 and is the founding pastor of Grace Bible Church of Fresno which he planted in 2004.

A Wasted Opportunity (Part 2)

The Israelites wasted an opportunity to trust God and see Him work because they wanted a king like all the other nations.
[Series] First Samual: Lessons in Opportunity (pt. 7)
[Speaker] Pastor Matt Costella
[Date] 4/30/17
[Scripture Reference] 1 Samuel 8:1-22

A Wasted Opportunity (Part 1)

Although Samuel was a godly prophet and judge, his actions played a part in Israel’s desire to be like all the other nations.
[Series] First Samuel: Lessons in Opportunity (pt. 6)
[Speaker] Pastor Matt Costella
[Date] 4/23/17
[Scripture Reference] 1 Samuel 8:1-9

The Heavy Hand of God

God’s “heavy hand” will rest on those who say “no” to Him, yet every person has an opportunity to avoid this reality.
[Series] First Samuel: Lessons In Opportunity (pt. 4)
[Speaker] Pastor Matt Costella
[Date] 3/26/17
[Scripture Reference] 1 Samuel 5:1-7:2

Opportunity from a Good Foundation

Samuel, Hophni, and Phinehas had a similar upbringing but took completely different paths in life. Their attitude toward God made all the difference!
[Series] First Samsuel: Lessons In Opportunity (pt 3)
[Speaker] Pastor Matt Costella
[Date] 3/19/17
[Scripture Reference] 1 Samuel 2:12-3:21

Opportunity in the Midst of Oppression

A clear contrast existed between Hannah’s approach to distress and the Israelites’ approach. One brought victory and the other brought defeat.
[Series] First Samuel: Lessons in Opportunity (pt. 2)
[Speaker] Pastor Matt Costella
[Date] 3/12/17
[Scripture Reference] 1 Samuel 1:1-18; 1 Samuel 4:1-11

Introduction to First Samuel

An overview of the historical context of First Samuel and a survey of the book including its primary theme
[Series] First Samuel – Lessons in Opportunity
[Speaker] Pastor Matt Costella
[Date] 3/5/17
[Scripture Reference] Various Texts

Oh To Be Young Again!

Solomon advises young people to enjoy their youth but to always make choices consistent with the character and will of God.
[Series] Ecclesiastes: What‘s the Point?
[Speaker] Pastor Matt Costella
[Date] 12/18/16
[Scripture Reference] Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:1

“It Is Better…‘‘

Speaking in proverbs, Solomon begins to share divine wisdom in a way that resonates with the daily lives of his readers.
[Series] Ecclesiastes: What’s the Point? (pt. 10)
[Speaker] Pastor Matt Costella
[Date] 11/6/16
[Scripture Reference] Ecclesiastes 7:1-10