Sermons by Pastor Matt Costella (Page 7)

Matt Costella has served as the director of the FEA since 2011 and is the founding pastor of Grace Bible Church of Fresno which he planted in 2004.

Jesus’ Final Words (pt 3)

The book of Revelation contains Jesus’ final words to the church prior to His return for His church.
NOTE – This sermon is mislabeled in the title screen as part 2 however this is part 3.
[Speaker] Pastor Matt Costella
[Date] 3/27/16

Christ Our Passover

Exodus 12:1-13
The Passover feast is a beautiful picture of not only the salvation offered in Jesus Christ but of everything we need to move forward on our spiritual journey and walk with the Lord.
[Speaker] Pastor Matt Costella
[Date] 2/21/16

What‘s Wrong With Green Grass?

Text: Genesis 13:1-13
Lot’s life teaches us that the grass is never truly greener when we put our own interests above God’s interests. Our character and motivation is important when making decisions.
[Speaker] Pastor Matt Costella
[Date] 1/17/16